Orthodox Bible Study

This bible study represents my own personal reflections while studying the Bible from an Orthodox Christian perspective. You are welcome to join me in discussions by writing your comments in the area provided. For spiritual guidance or clarification from the perspective of your own faith, please consult with your Priest or spiritual advisor.

You may use the Bible of your Choice, but Orthodox Christians use some of the Apocryphal Books in their Bible so those will be included in our discussion . Since this Bible Study is based on Orthodox Christian theology, you may wish to buy the Orthodox Study Bible. Please also read this link from Archbishop Demetrios.

As the Fathers of the Church say, the only way for Orthodox Christians to understand the Old Testament is in light of the New Testament. So, our Bible Study starts with a quick refresher reading of the New Testament books Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts. After you have briefly reviewed the New Testament Books, click this link to begin the Bible study.

The Books of the Bible will be listed according to the Orthodox Christian Study Bible. Adjustments for the Roman Catholic Old Testament and the Protestant Old Testament are noted in parenthesis in the title of each post.

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