Orthodox Christians marked this first week of the Fast for Great Lent with the theme of Forgiveness.

Pondering this, I think it is easier to forgive others than it is to forgive yourself for past actions.  So, with this in mind, as you forgive others, don’t forget to forgive yourself too.  This message was posted on Facebook by All Saints Greek Orthodox Monastery

Forgive yourself

Q:   “Ahh, what happens if you never blame yourself for anything 🤔!”

A:  This is a very important question! But you know, in the Garden of Eden when God questioned Adam about eating from the forbidden tree, his first response was, “the woman YOU gave me, gave of the tree, and I ate” (NKJV). An interesting aspect, Adam didn’t blame the women, or himself for doing what was forbidden….he actually blamed God!
The woman didn’t blame herself either because she questioned the serpent and then made a decision to not obey God on her own — she did, however, blame the serpent for deceiving her —— but she did not blame God like the man did.
So, your question makes a good point.  Since this happened when Adam and Eve fell, perhaps it is part of our own fallen nature not to blame ourselves, but others for our actions. 🧐

Don’t forget to forgive yourself!  Have a blessed Great Lent!


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