Catechism Material

Click the highlighted and underlined links below to view the material.

Orthodox Christianity Time Line.  A convenient timeline of the Orthodox Christian faith

The Seven Great Ecumenical Councils.  A brief overview

Sacred Space:  The Architecture and Space of a Byzantine Church.   This YouTube video explores the history of the early Christian communities, Byzantine Church Architecture, Iconography, and the use of icons within the Eastern Orthodox Christian perspective.  This Video is suitable for teen and adult catechism discussion groups.

How a Priest positions his hand when he blesses a person or a congregation

How an Orthodox Christian positions their hand when making the sign of the cross.

The Censer. A religious interpretation to the different parts of the church censer.

The Nicene Creed of the Orthodox Christian Faith.A printable sheet containing the Nicene Creed of Faith in Greek, Phonetics and English.

The Lord’s Prayer A printable sheet containing the Lord’s Prayer in Greek, Phonetics and English.

The Symbol of the Christian Fish – Ichthys

The Jesus Prayer, The Prayer of the Heart. A delightful Orthodox religious instruction booklet on the Jesus Prayer which is heavily based on scriptural teachings of the Orthodox Christian faith suitable for teen youth group, Home Schools, and adult religious education classes. This booklet is currently out of print. An electronic copy is offered on this site with permission.

All of the educational information and posts on this website are copyrighted by the Author, Dr. Christine Cheryl Kerxhalli.  You are free to use anything in your ministry that is posted on this site as long as a link is provided to this website and the author is given appropriate credit.

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